Feng Shui To Clear Your Mind!

Masaru Emoto has done extensive studies on the effects of our thoughts on matter.  Most famous are his studies on rice and on frozen water crystals (HERE is much more on that, and it’s awesome).  So, to see this simple & powerful quote and know his dedication to the practical application of this philosophy profoundly, it sunk in freshly.

Are you making the most of your world in your thoughts….or are your thoughts not coming through clearly these days?

Today,  the feng shui is all about a clear mind and the brilliance it brings!

(energy muse)

Every day we’re making stuff in our mind.

And if you’re mind is too stuffed you’re likely not making the stuff you want or need…or perhaps you feel blocked from making stuff at all!

I have been that person sitting down to visualize things I dreamed about for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes every day and then… frustrated….. as the rest of the hours of the day were littered with problems and a racing mind and no gifts of peonies and glittery beaches!

The 10 or 15 minutes of meditation is awesome and brilliant. Please keep it up.

The time visualizing stuff is creative and vital. Do it with abandon and enjoy it completely!

But…. a really clear mind reflects the great simplicity of a much more clear life overall.

If you want to clear your mind, start clearing your life.

Make powerful decisions. This is a big step to clear space in all of life. Don’t let “maybe” put your life on pause!

Dump the clutter. 100%. (*I’m polishing up the free video series for the new session of the feng shui Love Camp and you can get on the list to see them as soon as they arrive right HERE!)

Get rid of distractions.  There are many Google Chrome extensions that are super-useful to keep bad news our of your work day, FYI!


Stay focused on what you want!!!



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xoxo Dana

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