Why Aren’t Things Moving Fast Enough?


Why is that thing you want really slow in coming?  Why does everyone seem to get things faster than you do? Why is it that this one big thing won’t arrive!?

Some things really do take more time than we hope they will in an ideal world.

But, more often than not, I see stalled creative projects sitting in people’s drawers, in art studios… I hear about them… I’m asked to help make things move again… and I notice one thing has happened that takes everything off the rails.

It’s a universal habit that has held me back for so long it’s crazy, and breaking the habit takes nothing more than a shift in focus.  


It goes something like this:

You really want something.  You go after it, and at first, it doesn’t come instantly.  So, in frustration, you try harder.  Then you back off because it’s just not going forward.  And then, you start again, because you’re not a quitter….

Soon in that mix, or a cycle something like it, the lack of something becomes the focus. 

The lack of success, the lack of that dream mate, the lack of money, the lack of anything becomes the thing that gets talked about, worried about, researched in self-help books, watched in YouTube videos…

You know that old saying ” Whatever you focus on will grow?”

Well, it’s pretty magnificent how much this holds true for focusing on lack.

Lack becomes a habit.  We get fixated on lack as thought we’re going to be free of it if we focus hard enough on it.

I have done this so many times.  In fact, I know when I’m doing it now… when things are slowed down or feel totally stuck in some way.  I know at some point I have stopped being creative for the sake of being creative and inspired and started doing things based on fear and uncertainty and lack.

That’s when everything feels very hard, very scary and very much slowed down, sometimes to a grinding halt.

get rid of clutter and create opportunities

That said, you can still get what you want if you focus in this way. I know very well what it’s like to get the things that I’ve wanted despite this focus on lack and all it’s emotional stress.

Even when you get some of the money, the success, the love, the creative advancement or anything else you desire, if you’ve practiced the idea of lacking this stuff for a long time, you’ll likely feel like nothing is ever enough.  The wonderful partner who arrives won’t be quite the right person from your dream list even though so wonderful, the money won’t be enough because somehow all kinds of expenses or new desires crop up that make the feeling of lack continue, the creative success you dreamed about will seem so small in comparison to all you now feel you lack…


I’m sure you’ve heard of people winning the lottery and becoming more poor than ever before within a span of years- or even months!

The focus in life never shifted from lack, so that lack took hold and kept creating itself, even in the midst of piles of money pouring in.

If you’ve practiced your focus on lack, that lack grows to be very real and long-lasting.

What are you practicing? 

We can very easily practice- daily- the emotions and thoughts and words involved in not having enough and not being enough and not being worthy of enough- and that’s a habit just like eating too much sugar or too much coffee or anything other habit that holds us back from feeling fantastic.

We can also choose to practice being enough, feeling fantastic, seeing abundance everywhere, living in the awesomeness of the moment and creating for the joy of creating, despite the fact that everything hasn’t arrived in our hands just yet.   

Watch where your attention goes. 

When anything is stuck or slow in moving,  clear space around it. 

clear clutter to be more creative

Clear away negative thoughts.  Clear confusion or disorganzation.  Clear worry.  Clear your focus on what’s not coming or what hasn’t arrived.  Clear the actual clutter of papers, the mess of emails, the dust, the static.  Open things up to flow again by engaging in creating it with renewed love of the process of creating.

Break up with the thoughts and obsessions that fixate on what you don’t have yet… even though everyone else seems to have it already!

Fall in love with the making and living and envisioning and experiencing of all that you have right now …and all that you want.

Create a space free of clutter and free of obstacles, an environment that reinforces your feelings of abundance and grounding and peace and calm.

Idea: Take a minute or two today to close your eyes or grab a journal in a quiet place and list out all that you have.  I bet you’ll get tired of listing because you have so much!

That’s your new focus: all that you have.

And your new actions: connected, rooted, creative and inspired.

Anything in the way of your creative magic has overstayed it’s welcome and can hit the recycling bin!

Clear all that life clutter & soar!!!

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana


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Dana December 18, 2016 at 5:01 pm

Dana, you are so right. This was brilliantly put, focusing on the lack holds you back…. you are so unbelievably right. Thank you!

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danaclaudat December 19, 2016 at 1:38 am

happy holidays to you and the whole family!!! xoxo

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