Eucalyptus Feng Shui Cures To Boost Your Wellness & Radiance!

the power of eucalyptus

Today’s feng shui is all about harnessing the botanical power of eucalyptus at home. A bunch of the fresh leaves can be a dose of brilliance and super-high, radiant energy for every day!

fresh eucalyptus as gorgeous decor

(Profound Magazine)

Bunches of great eucalyptus, year round, in vases scattered around the house, create a seriously chic and aromatherapy-rich energy of refreshing green. They are long-lasting, and pair beautifully with pottery to create stunning plashes of nature.

Symbolically, eucalyptus is strong and rich. In a bedroom where you want more nature-vibes, eucalyptus in feng shui approved. It is protective, purifying and healing, so it’s wonderful to stash on your nightstands in tall vases full of water if you’re recovering from a negative relationship, working on your fitness or looking to make a fresh start in love!

temecula gardens eucalyptus


My most favorite way to use eucalyptus is in strong doses of spa-quality aromatherapy straight from the leaves! These round-leaf eucalyptus branches deliver a potent dose of aromatherapy in the shower every day.

Take a bunch of fresh bunch eucalyptus and tie it together with twine. Your florist may have some, your local flower mart may have some… but you want to be sure it’s unsprayed so you aren’t getting pesticides along with your eucalyptus steam! HERE is the best place I’ve found on Etsy to get some. Go for: round leaves and organic branches.

Then place and tie the bundle behind your shower head.

Fresh eucalyptus into a steamy shower will activate and release beneficial oils that are stored in the leaves.

This is divine!!!

Not only is this an immune-boosting, cold-clearing, antibacterial, anti-imflammatory treat for your whole body, it’s also a powerfully effective way to clear your personal energy fields and keep your bathroom as well as your body free of negative attachments and any lingering bad vibes that may be clinging to your life.

Clearing space every day with Nature as your guide will help keep you growing and soaring and glowing! Take some wisdom from the koala bear and get connected to some eucalyptus!



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