Try A Feng Shui Beautifying Abundance Shower!

basil for beauty and feng shui energy clearing

Decluttering your life of heaviness, stuckness and bad vibes is vital… and that detox includes your relationships and communication!

If you’ve been in a strained relationship or have some toxic friendship energy in your life, you know that it blocks and weighs down life as much as heaps of papers or trash looming… and that stress is the opposite of abundance.

Basil is an herb used since ancient times to cleanse life of misunderstandings and enhance communication, opening life up to more prosperity and flow!

Plus, basil is ultra-beautifying, especially for your hair.

It’s helpful in treating scalp itchiness, flaking, dryness of the scalp and it exfoliates your scalp. Basil also helps with hair growth, increasing circulation to your hair follicles, nourishing them to encourage healthier hair!

You can try this one as a bath (I do it during New Moons often as a bath) but I love it as a shower rinse, the final thing I do before I step out of the shower and into the day…!

Enjoy this one— it’s both a beauty treat and an abundant energy clearing all-in-one!

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