Second Chakra Feng Shui Home Design For Abundance & Creative Breakthroughs!

boho house from HGTV


Today’s feng shui is all about creative activation to create abundance and a more luscious life!   The chakra series of design tips continues, and we’re tapping into the energy center that corresponds to money, sex, creativity and overall glowing magnetism.

If you don’t know what they are yet: chakras are the spinning wheels of energy centers located at points through your body that correspond to various emotions and states of being. When balanced, our chakras spin harmoniusly and we feel fantastic.  When they’re out of balance, we feed out life similarly wobbly. You can learn more HERE.

Today we’re designing with the spinning center between the tailbone and belly button- the SACRAL chakra that helps us to feel the energies of creativity, sexuality and magnetic abundance- in mind.

Above we have the modern boho styling that really revvs up the enchantment in a space.  All kinds of boho styling with help to wake up amd balance Second Chakra energy!

coral paints from BHG


Glowy corals are the best colors for the bedrooms that lack sexy, fun, easy, restfulm warm and intimate energy.  Both men and women benefit from coral walls and they help to add energy and fire without overwhelming the restful calm o fthe space.

silk sheets

(lobster & swan)

Pure Silk Sheets.  Need I say more? I love beds dressed in silk sheets and nothing else.  It’s such a sweet, sophisticated, rich look that- incidentally- nourishes your skin and hair as you sleep!

elle decor orange pops

(elle décor)

Pops of intense orange keep the rich creative fires stoked.  I have a bright orange leather sofa at home that is so key to my space. It only takes one nice dose of citrusy depth to have a memorable effect!

pink salt lamp from Urban Outfitters

(Urban Outfitters)

A favorite for really glowing coral greatness that can detoxify the negativity in a room, fostering better sleep and more positive vibrations: a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  I have them everywhere and they make a difference you can feel… instantly!

More boho, more juicy oranges, more glowy corals, more sexy and creativity… this is so much fun, and small switches can make volumes of magnificent change that spills into everything you do in a day!!!

xoxo Dana

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