Root Chakra Feng Shui Home Design To Get Grounded & Empowered!

Indoor Plant Displays from Lobster & Swan

(Lobster + Swan)

Today’s feng shui is all about getting grounded.

It’s the start of a chakra series of design tips to help you pull what you need into your home to feel more balance and alive!

Chakras are the spinning wheels of energy centers located at points through your body that correspond to various emotions and states of being. Our personal chakras contain information from our life and they hold emotions and they help create our vibrant, prosperous life of wellbeing when in balance.  Out of balance, we feed out life similarly wobbly.  You can learn more HERE. 

Today we’re starting with the spinning center at the base of the tailbone- the ROOT chakra that helps us to feel our feet firmly planted on the ground, a sense of safety flowing, financial stability and wellbeing on a deep, profound, self-loving level.

Let’s get started with some simple design tips that can help you feel more rooted in your life and grounded in your home! 

To start, a ladder of plants- above- is a great, simple and eye-catching display full of fire and earthy power of Nature.  Clay pots are particularly great because they are made of more substancial earth material and symbiotic with plants themselves.

urban outfitters floor pilows

(Urban Outfitters floor pillows are my ultimate favorite) 

Floor pillows are super-powerful for their true grounding power.  I love these pillows from Urban Outfitters in a spectrum of colors, with a substance and heft that makes them more stable and durable – all grounding forces.

Concrete Geometric candle holders

(Concrete Geometric love!)

Concrete planters, concrete accountrements for a desk, concrete walls and accents… all bring in the rooting and cleansing power of stone.

country living cabin

(Country Living) 

A fire pit- or a lot of spicy scented candles- can do some grounding magic in your space! I particularly love to use candles that are big pillars and made of natural materials like beeswax for their high-energy nature!

Cinnamon Air Freshener DIY from Homedit


THIS DIY Air refresher is only the start of cinnamon wonder.  A bowl of cinnamon sticks on a desk is grounded and beautiful.  A cinnamon tea (half teaspoon ground with honey) is strenthening to your energy field.  Some cinnamon pure aromatherapy can brighten the moon of a room.  Burning cinnamon incense- incidentally- is thought to bring you more money!!!

Paris Lounge from My Domaine

(My Domaine) 

& finally: splash in some true red.  This is magnetism X 1000!  I love the way a splash of true red (art or pillows work well) can really make a space come to life and feel super powered.

Grounded living is always mindful, full of deep breaths and lots of respect for the planet.

And… it’s super-abundant. In every way!

xoxo Dana

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Darcy Goedecke August 20, 2016 at 4:36 am

Ah, this is interesting. I hate red, lol. And for some reason, everyone gifts me red things. It’s too intense and I don’t like to wear it because with my dark hair it makes me stand out. I think red is associated with sex and money? Powerful things. Working on my own power I guess. Root root root!

P.s. The geometric cement pots have been on my list to make! Love them!

danaclaudat August 22, 2016 at 1:18 am

🙂 pouring my own pots has been on my list for a long time- i chicken out on mixing cement! ps: hanging out in nature is another (non-red) way to get grounded that is the most direct route to super-tapped-in 🙂

danaclaudat November 15, 2016 at 6:05 am

yes…looking at this again in a new unit of time…. it’s time to get into power and be seen 🙂 please let me know if you make the potted plants!!! 🙂

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