Use A Clearing Bath To Pull Negative Energy Out Of Your Life!

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Using a detox bath to rid yourself of the toxic stuff clinging to your body and your mind and your life is an awesome way to dump the stuff you’re carting around that feel like a black cloud or heaviness.

My favorite bath at the moment:
sea salt
baking soda
epsom salt
(equal parts of each)

a black tourmaline crystal
a quartz crystal
a few drops of lavender oil
some organic flower petals

Straight sea salt works beautifully though!

I’m back to you tube & experimenting with my iphone as camera… we’ll see how it goes, I’m pretty proud of the first attempt but I’m gonna be making so many videos, we’ll get to a really good place soon 🙂

Meanwhile, these tips are essential to detox bathing!


xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana

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