Balancing Your Energy To Feel More Creative, Alluring & Energized!

second chakra balancing


When you’re creatively stuck, feeling unloved or not really that self expressed in a deep, deep way, you might have some energy blocked in the second chakra.

This somewhat esoteric seeming energy system of chakras that manifest as spinning wheels of energy down your body from atop your head to the base of your tailbone is a powerful system of healing from my own experience.

If you think about it: we’re all kinds of energy systems: spinning wheels, layers of light, interconnected energies that move us through life in an interconnected way. Tuning up even one bit of energy can help you unblock energies in other places. For example, a simple adjustment in your mood and energy that’s creatively blocked could set your whole meridian system (the acupuncture system of healing the body) into balance.

If you want to go deeper into some second chakra feng shui, start right HERE.

Not only are the chakras fun and gorgeous to work with, the balancing effects of simple energy switches are often pretty instant to feel.

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!

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