An Idea To Start Letting Go Of Heavy Stuff That Lingers

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Heavy stuff is what I call the forceful, the dark, the cluttering, the confusing, the painful, the grief-filled, the stuff that’s just… heavy.

And if you’re carrying some of that around, you know it’s like walking with weights on your shoes sometimes, especially when it’s fresh in mind.  If you’ve got the heavy stuff at home, it’s like a minefield with things unhandled that need to be purged and explored and eliminated.

With all de-cluttering, it’s a matter of confront to some degree.  I know in my Catalyst Camp each year it’s a breakthrough when, finally, despite the temporary jolt of overwhelm that can pop up, the clutter becomes apparent everywhere, even where it was stuffed away and hidden and maybe even beautifully organized.

I’ve done the same with emotions and ideas, sort of squrrled them away, turned them into artful stories that garner lots of attention, and even verbalized the lessons and the gifts of struggle.

But you know what?  You can fluff up and prettify and express gratitude and sort things into gorgeous boxes and color coded masterpiece files… yet, I’ve found, if you’ve got emotions that are unhandled burried in that prettified, glorious stuff that are being denied, it’s still just as heavy.  Prettier, easier to talk about, OK to show to friends and neighbors… but it’s still a weight.

And those weights- no matter the package they’re wrapped in-  are what keep us from growing in real ways. 


I’d be lying to say that I have a simple time with letting things go all the time.

In some ways, it’s simple for me.  I can eliminate stuff like nobody’s business. I can live with very little.  I’m happy without the noise of excess stuff-stuff.  I feel my way through life most of the time.  I’ve become very good at releasing the past.  I have all sorts of ways to let things go.

But then… there’s the bigggg emotional stuff.

We’ve all got it.

Everyone. Pretty much.

After reading a book aptly named Letting Go by David Hawkins I was able to finally articulate the confusion I’ve run into with letting things go in the past: Thoughts.

Thoughts can be the most tangled mental clutter. Rules, advice, judgements, lists, rational ways of being, what we’re told, what other people tell us.

Thoughts are all based on our perceptions.  They’re not “objective” and they can run in circles.

Feelings, though, are feelings. 

Feelings have a truth to them that is the weight of everything.  You can try to stuff a feeling away, deny it, color it with new words, express your gratitude for it, tell stories about it…

But unless you can feel it, it won’t really get lighter.

Just like at home, if you don’t open the junk drawer and see all the junk, it won’t go away on it’s own just because it’s out of sight, even if you talk about it and have very good reasons to keep it all there.

That’s the power of surrender that David Hawkins realized in his research, that sages and philosphers have written about for ages…

And it seems so completely abstract.


Let yourself feel the emotions of everything without the thoughts in the way.

If it’s overwhelming, get some help. Or lots of help.  It can see you through to the other side where things are lighter and the world becomes bigger.

Yesterday, a far away friend did what she calls an energy drawing of me.  She noted that there was something sort of lingering in the sketch, that my one arm, above my head and even my throat was sort of holding back some sort of really heavy energy.  It was very powerful to see it, especially since I’ve been so happy… but, admittedly, preoccupied in my downtime with all the things I didn’t say to someone that is no longer in my life.

So, I sat down and felt the emotion.  Beneath all the thoughts- I just kind of let them sin in my head until they kind of got exhausting as I laid in the sun- I let myself feel the actual first emotion that was behind all the words swirling around.  And then the next.  I did it for the better part of a few hours at the beach.  Breathing and feeling everything that was un-felt.  In and out of the ocean. And all the circuitous thoughts in the way that I thought would protect me- you know, anger, condemnation, judgement- the things that would, I thought, keep me safe- they faded, too.

Anger doesn’t protect anyone.  I know that “rationally” but emotionally it can feel like a force shield to be angry… until it pulls you down like it did on my energy drawing picture, in my spare time feeling confused, in my mind.  And feeling started to let go of the mess of anger.

I don’t know how many times I’ll have to repeat this, if ever, but I’m up for the task.  It’s a beautiful and simple way to actually confront things. No rules, no logic… all feelings.  Like the drawer that didn’t get it’s junk reorganized, it just got dumped out and only the stuff that’s really needed remains, lovely and simply.

I’ve done “releasing things”  before in many different ways, on many different levels,  but the very simplicity of just feeling everything without the words and thoughts and justifications and noise opened a door to so much possibility.

Try it and you might be surprised how simple it can be to start to tap into feelings that were hidden in noise.  It really helped me to be at the beach.  All kinds of nature and quiet can be awesome for any form of emotional tapping-in.

And take a bath in salt or a swim in the ocean if you’re blessed with one nearby.  It’s like hitting the reset button on your body’s energy systems.

Any help you need is available all over the place, just a google away, if you’ve got big feelings with too much velocity to confront on your own.

The peace and deep breaths and love that can take the place of all the mess of holding onto the heavy is worth the courage.

xoxo Dana

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