Heart Chakra Feng Shui To Live In Love!

omved's heart chakra chart


Yes, I’m a sucker for these awesome chakra charts by OMVED. They’ve really brought together so many ways to balance and heal and enhance each of the chakras, and today’s chakra of note- the heart- is central in my attention and life force these days.

I’m pretty convinced with the floods of recent research and the truth I’ve seen in my own life and the lives of those around me that living with more love is something vital.  It’s not a romance-based thing  and it’s not even a self-love thing alone. It’s a way of life full-on. It’s the kind of trust and lack of judgement and openness of spirit that makes all of life open up.  Living from your heart has been proven to be the most powerful way to communicate, the most powerful way to tap into intuition and a supercharger for healing in so many ways.

If you’re feeling a lack of love, you can start simply by loving this very moment.  I know that sounds simplistic, but it’s really everything.  It always puzzled me because I was sticking to what I didn’t have, what I lacked and what I wanted and the right now seemed very far from love.

To add in more heart-opening awesomeness, you can try some open-hearted feng shui tips HERE.  You can also try some love feng shui rounded up HERE.

You can also go even deeper and immerse yourself in positive vibes in the biggest ways. Thoughts, words and actions…all super-high and super-open and super-clear and resonant.

xoxo!!! Dana


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