Love Yourself Much More Every Day In Eight Powerful Ways

do you love yourself enough

Love yourself.

Yes.  More and more.  Every day.

After watching THIS TED Talk about Anita Moorjani’s incredible cross over in her last hours of life, the lessons she learned that allowed her to completely heal herself of *incurable* cancer and the profound way she views life now… my whole life cracked open.  Please take a moment- or 17 minutes!- and watch it and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Her big message: LOVE YOURSELF.

It’s the message I’ve heard from healers, sages, psychics, priests, songs, books…

And then I finally learned what it means to me.

Do you know what it means to you? 

Do you do enough of it? 


Love.  At the risk of lapsing into a state of unicorns and rainbows, love really is the energy of all healing, all great living…  The feelings of love open up the energy of your heart, the organ in your body that emits the largest magnetic field of all.  Love is truly a magnet.

Here’s a big lesson I learned the hard way: we’re only really able to love hugely in a healthy way (i.e.: not becoming a doormat or a martyr or anything else) when we’re grounded in self-love.  Otherwise, you’re sending out love in immense amounts, seeking out people who need love and can’t necessarily reciprocate love… and suddenly, love hurts.  But… that’s not right.  It shouldn’t ever be that way.

Love yourself first.  What would it look like if the first things you did in the morning made you feel truly connected, cared for, grounded and excited for everything ahead of you?

Invest in true healing in ways that have a measurable impact on you.  What if you sought out and connected with the healers, the therapists, the wisdom, the meditation, the coaching or anything else that supported your wellbeing?  Investing your time is just as important as money. Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer, can you follow along and invest time into a fitness program online or an app or anything else?

Feed yourself the energy you need.  What would it look like if the food you ate made you feel grounded, happier and truly nourished?

Make sure you have space to live well. Can you imagine if you had a space free of clutter and mess and things that need to be repaired? A deep cleaned home? A cleared out closet?

Make sure that everyone in your life is a person of integrity.  Don’t allow anyone who disrespects you, harms you or otherwise damages your wellbeing to linger in your life. This is self-love of the highest order and it will revolutionize your life.

Carve out self-reflective time.  Could you take some time to literally do nothing but breathe and rest? Some people do their  “unplugging” by having a few drinks, partying or getting zoned out in TV.  Does what you do to unplug actually help you to plug in… or check out?

Connect to spirit. Whatever is spirit to you, whatever makes you feel larger and more electric, make sure you fit that in.

Take time to forgive people and forgive yourself all the time.  THIS concept of forgiveness presented by Brene Brown will rock your world if you can’t find a way to forgive.  While not everyone or every circumstance was meant to hang around forever, if you can’t forgive, you can’t be free.  Forgiveness requires that you grieve.  And that may not seem to be “high vibration” or “happy” but it’s immensely freeing if you embrace the process and mourn what’s been lost, even if you’ve lost innocence or you’ve lost love or you’ve lost a certain type of friendship… Grief brings in room to create the new.

Self love isn’t about rigorous pushing.  It is about protecting yourself from things you know harm you.  It is about resting and breathing.  It isn’t about striving and forcing.  It is about realizing that being present and feeling well are not luxuries, they are a necessity.  They’re a necessity that you deserve completely.

xoxo Dana


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