Are You Designing Your Dream Life Every Day?

design your life in your own way

Since your life is so extraordinarily unique and so very personal, it needs to be designed to highlight the best ways for you to live.

Tomorrow, a very big book arrives here on the blog that has been ten years in the making, packed with huge ways to shape life to highlight your uniqueness and your personal power.  Sit tight as it’s going to be extraordinary!

On the eve of this special day, and with a Full Moon shining in my Virgo sun sign, I’m exciting to share some huge reasons why you’ll flourish so majorly if you decide to design your spaces and your lifestyle with causative creative power. The awareness alone of the “dream-come-true” power of these choices to design your dream life can set dynamic changes in motion that create your personal Paradise, right here, right now!apoyo lagoon

Here’s a snapshot from the Apoyo Lagoon in Nicaragua at the Paradiso beach club.  We spread handmade blankets on the wood pallets and caught the afternoon tropic sun while eating salads and having a great conversation.  Swimming in the warm lagoon was a beautiful discovery of the day on this weeklong trip of discoveries.  Each day in the heat and quiet I found more and more of what it meant to me to design my own life more powerfully. I returned with a permanently quieter mind.  While life is never perfect, this is the kind of awareness shift that has made things like the culmination of this new life-expanding book (I can’t wait to share it soon!) immediately become possible!

When you design your life, you can find more peace.

We have far more control than we may immediately realize to choose the people, the activities, the environments and the opportunities that come to us.  You can filter out negativity, create more meditative spaces and, yes, find your own brand of Paradise if you consciously take the reins as the architect of your personal reality.

You can direct the places that your energy and thoughts flow. 

When you are the designer of your experience of a day, you decide how you’ll react to the random things that pop up and you decide how you want to create the things you want to experience.

What you focus on will grow, so keep those thoughts positive.

With intention blazing bright, you can clarify, amplify and manifest thoughts into things so much easier. 

If your life and your space reminds you constantly of what you’re creating, your mental bandwidth each day will be tuned and filled with ways of bringing those dreams to life.

To “go with the flow” is a charming idea, but without directing that flow, you’ll lose so much energy that leaks from your life in unstructured directions.

You aren’t waiting for magic moments where the good stuff begins.

You can outline your dream lifestyle and start living it today.  I know many successful people who aren’t successes. I mean, materially they’re doing fine, but they percieve themselves as slaves to their life to keep things going.

If you feel that you have to wait for an unspecified time in the future to take vacations on your wish list, to live in four countries a year if you’ve dreamed of it… to have a home you want… to be ready for love, for a better job or anything else… this means just one thing in my mind: You haven’t been creating your whole life, just pieces of it.

The friends I most admire have built their work around the lifestyle that brings them joy.  The more creatively awake you are, the more you hook up with your genius.  When you make this creative connection, so much more synergy is possible.

Designing space that meets your specific needs means that your whole environment supports you. 

This is a beautiful fact: your environment can be a sorce of strength.

If you need more sunshine to thrive and you live in gloom, you can change that.  If you practice a religion and there’s no community near you of people who practice, you can change that.  If you’re obsessed with gardens and have no outdoor space to grow one, you can change that.

You can decide to design a lifestyle that highlights these needs and wants.  There’s always a way to make a shift if you realize that you are the creator of your days.  Uncovering more and more of your personal genius makes these changes from living at the effect of life to becoming the maker of life possible every day.  You start to be able to identify and name and clearly see what you’re making.

Space changes, schedules change, diets change, relationships change… and even luck seems to change… all driven by your awesome creative power.

Ready to try it?!

This is what I call “creating genius.”

So much more on this coming so very soon!

xoxo Dana


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