Make The Most Of Calm & Meditative Pastels!

pastel living room from decor8 via the design files pinterest

(decor8 via thedesignfiles)

Today, I’m feeling pastel.  There’s been a lot of extreme energy flying around. It’s finally come to a bliss point.  I think Mercury Retrograde lived up to it’s fabled chaos powers in the last three weeks, despite how much I love this time of year historically.   Lots of loud, lots of hot, lots of bright, lots of bubbling up.

Tons of color and action are the greatness of life as long as they’re counterbalanced with calm.

If you’ve been in a time of heat and action, or groundswells of emotion, I am right there with you.

It’s times like these that I trade intensive colors for pastels. From my plates to my dresses, from purses to  pillows… pastels are peace.  

pastel room

(sfgirlbybay via alcro)

This beauty of a room is near exactly the antidote for too much stress and output of energy. Pastel, a touch tropical, balanced, quirky and minimal.

pastel living room

(oh my dear blog)

When pastel mixes with gold, your ability to think clearly skyrockets with so much elemental metal energy.  That’s feng shui speak for: calm metallic spaces are awesome for mental focus.  If you’ve used super-brights or intense colors in your office and find yourself overwhelmed, tone it down with pastels and metallics mixed.  Precision pretty.  The gorgeous Oh My Dear! blog will show you how to metallic a side table in minutes!

pastel bookshelf

(sf girl by bay via est magazine designed by fiona lynch)

In the realm of DIY-esque design, the simple add of color on just a few levels of a bookcase are a huge, sweet exhale.


(mokkasin / mr. perswall wallpaper)

It’s been brought to my attention that in addition to my own Buddhist chanting that I’d benefit from some totally mind-clearing, mindfulness meditation.  I prefer naps.  But meditation is massively great for the brain. I’d both nap here & meditate, too.  Pastels are quiet perfection in rooms like these…!

Sweet, calm, mind-clearing, space-opening pastels are quiet focus.  And gorgeous.

I’m wearing a pastel hoodie about to take a break with my oatmeal colored dog.  Living this one completely!

Enjoy…! xoxo Dana


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