Could This Awesome Concept Be The Secret To Happiness?

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Today I’m excited to share a simple concept that some cultures embrace for ultra-happiness.  I consider it some of the most expansive, feel-great lifestyle design there is…plus:  it costs next to nothing to sink into it, it feeds you inspiration and joy, and turns your world to pleasure…!

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Ga) is of Danish origin and represents the idea of living in the moment and being “cozy”.  It’s the appreciation of the warmth and comfort of what is currently around you and indulging in making it more comforting by using things like candles and warm, comfortable blankets.

Hygge is designed for a person to create a haven of comfort during the dreary winter months. In the Nord. It’s designed to help people embrace the present and the feeling of warmth and delight amist the flickering of candlelight and crackling of the fireplace. Hygge is about relishing in what makes you feel safe and peaceful, “cozy”

How could this idea go wrong? Who doesn’t want to feel cozy and safe?


It’s feel-great bliss to be more cozy, connected, cuddly and at ease.

  1. Declutter your home and get rid of things you do not use.
  2. Set up tons of candles. Aromatic candles are great if they are calming and soothing (anything with Bergamont , Lavender, Peppermint)
  3. Try making and using some DIY home facial masks and lotions and using them.
  4. Drink a warm drink. You are not limited to just tea or coffee, you can get creative and concoct a new hot libation.  You might want to try THIS Turmeric Tea that’s yummy and infused with massive mood-boosting, anti-inflammatory turmeric.
  5. Appreciate yourself and do things for you. Yoga, meditation, get lost in a great book…
  6. Nourish yourself with food that you love. Keep it delicious and be present when you eat so you are really in the moment of bliss. I say a little prayer over my food to bring it extra-nourishing energy.  Our thoughts change matter around us so keep them high and pure
  7. Cuddle more.  Hug your friends, your lover, pets… Cuddle up in blankets.  Cuddle and snuddle and breathe deep and let yourself sink into the moment!

Enjoy all the bliss that some Hygge will bring.  It’s a lifestyle you’ll become quickly enamored by…!

xoxo Dana

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