Feng Shui For Deeper Sleep With Rose Quartz!

rose quartz for sleep

My mind is on glowing more daily (literally! you can find the #GlowMoreDaily posts rounded up on Instagram) and deep, refreshing sleep is a huge part of that glow.

These crustals from goldirocks.co are some of my favorites.  Rose Quartz.  It’s a stone thought to resonate with love…and also… peace and harmony.

Sweet stuff.

While lots can be debated about the power of crystals and their metaphysical meanings, the power of totems and positive affirmations and color and art are not up for debate.  There’s lots of hard and fast science about each of the above, and the pink majesty of these stones, rich in calming hue and surreal, delicate glamour has prowess of its own.

Now for the sleep crystal goodness:

  • Put a small rose quartz stone under your pillow within the pillow case if you are so inclined, with the intention of creating sweeter dreams.
  • You can also put a few stones on the nightstands of both sides of your bed.
  • You can take it to the next level by adding one to your nighttime bath.

Make sure to cleanse these every few days by running them under water and then letting them dry outside in the sun and moonlight, on a lawn (my favorite) or in a pot of plants (which I do in a pinch) to keep their natural frequencies high and pure.

Love love love these just to admire. Beauty, peace and purity.

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xoxo Dana



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