Here’s An Exercise To Help Make Your Dreams Come True Without Force

creative visualization

Let things go and let them grow.

It’s not that you can sort of ignore life and expect to build an empire, but there’s a quality of energy, and of desire, and of creativity, that is easy and free when it’s grounded in purpose and fueled by passion.


The people I most admire do focus and do work and do hustle… but they do it with a sense that no matter what happens of comes their way, it will be great.  It might be better than they imagine.  So they aren’t fixated on just one outcome… and without that tight grip, so much creative electricity can move freely and make for amazing outcomes.

This exercise from Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization is a favorite of mine.

The Pink Bubble Technique… goes something like this:

  • Get quiet and breathe.
  • Imagine a bubble in front of you.
  • Fill that bubble with your wishes, and as much clarity as you can of the outcomes you want to create… Add detail, add color, add light…
  • Turn the bubble pink.
  • Now send it away from you, letting it float out into the universe (I typically do this on a patio or outside so it feels real to me!) and, as it floats, let it collect energy that makes dreams come true.

Let go & let it grow…!
xoxo Dana

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