Is Your Home Attracting Love?



Love, love, love. We want it, we want it to be better, we want to keep it when we have it and yet it all seems so elusive at times.

While I could launch into a treatise on how you need to “love yourself” first (and that is true!) I thought I’d take a moment to shine a light on the ways that the feng shui of your whole home (not just your bedroom) affects your romantic life.

You can implement all sorts of tips and tricks in your home to enhance love, but if the basic foundation of your home and life is not solid, you might be chasing away prospective partners. It’s not just the bedroom that communicates your intimacy level and openness, your entire environment informs others about you in many ways.

Let’s look at a few big ways that a home might be messaging “I’d rather be alone” while you are thinking “I’d like to find true love.”

Here are a few feng shui love notions you haven’t heard…

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