Make Yourself Some Pretty Water!

Make Yourself Some Pretty Water Infused With Fruit & Herbs! (Video & THESE are from Green Blender!)

(greenblender has 10 gorgeous waters for you to explore right HERE!)

All the good vibes we talk about in feng shui are not just invisible energy that only certain people can sense and adjust.

Chi — the energy and life force that makes you feel fantastic — is something you experience through all of your senses. This means you can use simple techniques to create more of a sanctuary in your life right now.

I remember the first time I saw a woman pile a quart of sliced strawberries and a handful of basil into a giant pitcher of cool water at her office desk. The beauty of the berry-studded pitcher, paired with its fresh taste, cool temperature, and incredible fragrance, was the high-vibe energy enhancement that I came to call “pretty water.”

With pretty water, staying hydrated becomes something more artful. It’s a gorgeous (and delicious!) feng shui enhancement for your desk or kitchen that you can make every day.

(*to next level it all, get into a service like Green Blender and have weekly deliveries of fresh smoothie & expanded pretty water awesomeness!)

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