10 Holistic Ways To Energize Your Day!

10 Holistic Ways To Energize Your Day!

When I need extra energy, it can’t come from caffeine. For me, that’s a recipe for spaced-out disaster. Instead of getting more done, I can’t sit still or focus. It’s set me on a supernatural quest to find ways to get my mind firing fast while my body feels grounded and calm. Here are 10 of my favorites of the moment to get the good vibes flowing!


10 Holistic Ways To Energize The Day!

1. Water with apple cider vinegar. This is a big one in my life right now. I put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a few cups of water and, if I’m in the mood for something more pleasant, I add a tablespoon of honey to it. Shake or stir really well and it’s super-refreshing!

2. Dusting. Dust ruins your focus. It’s also stagnant and dulls the surfaces around you.  Dust for a few minutes and see what happens as things get bright.

3. A quick face mask. When I want to reset the day lately, I wash my face and put straight raw honey on as a mask for about 10 minutes. It’s a sweet-smelling, moisturizing treat. Something in the ritual brings me so much life!

4. Clearing crystals. First off, having some crystals around will energize your space. But… when you have them you have to care for them. When things feel dull I run mine under the smoke of a sage wand to clear them simply and amplify their power.

5. Some art making.   I keep a sketchpad on my desk with crayons and oil pastels for occasions when I feel out-of-it and need to come to life.

6. A fun phone call. My favorite, calling a fun friend, really adds life to my workdays when I can’t get away to see people.

7. Hot-cold showers. Literally, a minute hot, then shut the hot to cold, then hot again. A few quick blasts always turn up the circulation.

8. Mint lotion. I always keep fresh mint lotion on hand and rub it on both my hands and feet for energy. If you invest in a tiny bottle of peppermint essential oil (or your favorite mint) and grab some unscented, natural lotion from a local store, you can amp it up with your own drop or two of mint in a liberal handful.

9. A spicy candle. Fire is the element of energy. Fire plus spice is exceptional.

10. A brain dump. Too much thinking can weigh you down, especially when you’re thinking of what to do that hasn’t been done! The Monster To Do List is my favorite cure for this.

The more energy you bring to the day, the more energy you get from the day! xoxo Dana

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