16 Ways To Create A Better Life!


This may not be the most beautiful piece of typography but I think its pretty all-inclusive.

Every point is huge. Do just one in a full year and I’m pretty sure its a revolution.

My point that stands out: “turn off gadgets and go outside.”

I’m all for much more of that in the New Year.

And, of course, ” helping others realize they can make their own happiness.

Do you have a theme yet for 2015? What is it?

xoxo Dana

maggie December 26, 2014 at 7:07 pm

I love the gadgets one as well! I found myself compulsively checking my phone, so I am being very proactive and not checking it in the presence of others, while I am stuck in traffic, or at random moments for no good reason. It’s already made a world of difference.


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