Face Your Fears And Transform Them!

yoda quotes

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Everyone fears something. Lots of things.

Fear helps us survive.

But… dear Yoda has  a lot to say about following the path of fear!

If most of your day is spent reacting to fear, caving to fear, guided by fear… life becomes small, filled with regret and nedless suffering.

The best cure that’s been found for phobias is to immerse in them.  Literally, sink into fear so deeply that… the fear fades.  Snake phobias cured by putting someone (well supervised!) in a room with snakes. Fears of flying cured by a long plane trip.

So, there’s a way out of every fear, even when its extreme.  Face one.  Then another.

I’m doing it all the time these days. It’s such freedom…! The moments of discomfort are very sight compared to the amazing benefits!!!

xoxo Dana

maggie December 22, 2014 at 8:28 pm

I am not a heights person and I am going indoor rock climbing today…tackling fears head first!


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