Your Mess Can Be Your Opportunity To Grow!

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Einstein knew the power of clearing clutter, streamlining and simplifying.

There are all kinds of thinkers that echo the sentiment of simplicity.  I love the idea from Seth Godin that if you can’t state your position in 8 words than you don’t have a position.  Even too many words are clutter.

Simplicity has less flourish and more direction. A space and life free of clutter has a deeper sense of purpose that can flow though without meeting static.

Your mess can be your opportunity to grow!!!

If you see that static and stuffed-stuff and way too much noise are pulling you off your path, make sure to sign up for the free Life Detox Jump Start course here.   Its packed full of ideas to start simplifying and clearing space!

And as I put the finishing touches on a big program to kick off what promises to be the coolest new year ever, I wonder if you can help?  Please email me or comment with what you think would be the revolutionary way your own life could be simplified (where are you being bogged down in overwhelm?) and I will be sure to include the feng shui fixes in the whole load of videos I am making for all of you right now!  xoxo Dana

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