Fast Feng Shui To Rid Your Home Of Bad Vibes!

rainbow eucalyptus

(omg, nature is so amazing that these rainbow eucalyptus actually grow this way!)

We rush, we run, we do many things at once, we have a big day, come home… and the action of the day feels “stuck” to us.

It’s as though the energy of a day covers you, hanging on you and hovering around you.

You know that feeling, when certain moments of the day play on a loop, you are over-excited (even in a good way) and feeling really unlike yourself.

The temptation is to escape in food, drink, TV, and other was to go numb.

That’s the modern condition. It doesn’t have to be your reality. 

You can use your home as a sanctuary to shake out the bad vibes rather than using it as a receptacle to collect your stress as many people do. When I see spaces filled with clutter, piles of stuff that should be put away, unwashed floors, massive disorder… I know that there is too much static in the space.  Stress is being dumped, amplified and solidified as a mess.

It happens to all of us.

This is not what you need.  It is not what anyone needs!

pink flower

You need to feel fresh and new.  Your home should support your well-being.

One of my fastest feng shui ways to get the bad vibes out of my life and my home is to unplug.

That’s right. Unplug.

Did you know that you can literally “kill” the effectiveness of homeopathy if you store it near a cell phone? Imagine what all those electronics are doing to your life?!

Unplug all your electronics. Shut off your TV.  Turn off your cell phone. Power down your laptop completely. 

Turn off all your lights except for the barest minimum. 

Write with a pen and paper.  Take a walk. A detox bath.(*my favorite one is right here)  Stretch a little. 

If there are too many waves in the air from electronics and bright lights, you will stir up rather than unwind your stress.

Take a step back from the buzzing noise. Shut everything down.  Silence is good for you.  When you re-emerge in the world of waves and action, you’ll have fresh perspective and a renewed sense of optimism! xoxo Dana



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