Your Words And Emotions Will Transform Your World!

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This is a very large statement that is absolutely true: Your words and emotions absolutely transform your life on every level.  Your words and emotionas profoundly impact other people- physically, mentally and emotionally- as well.

Get ready to be extremely mind-blown by a powerful experiment that proves this very visually! 

water experiment


Masaru Emoto is famous for his studies of frozen water crystals subjected to different types of environmental stimulation and actual human interaction.  Thoughts, words, emotions, music & prayer, to be specific, were directed toward various water samples.

When grace and love is directed toward water, it freezes in gorgeous patterns.  When anger, hate, rage and other negative emotions are directed toward water, the crystals degenerate into a blur. Because we are mainly water in our biological makeup, the impact of this work is profound upon our lives! 

There has always been a strong army of skeptics pointing out the various reasons why this experiment is flawed. After all, snarky, angry people that have no desire to change must find great offense in such proof that beauty is created by love!  The water experiments need a lab setting and specialized equipment to pull them off successfully, so the average person couldn’t reproduce them easily on their own.

Then, Mararu Emoto created The Rice Experiment.  This one can be tried by anyone…. and wait until you see this!

There are loads of people who have reproduced this experiment on You Tube successfully. I am definitely doing it starting this week!

That said, I find it very curious that the only people it doesn’t work for are skeptics.

And this really shines a light on the danger of skepticism. When you walk into a situation looking to find fault, you create that outcome.  In a sense, every skeptic who failed to reproduce this- especially the ones with blogs dedicated to being a skeptic (!) – actually proved the experiment to be true in a strange way. Their lack of positive intention created no outcome!

Does this give you chills like it gives me chills? Makes you think twice before ignoring your friends, saying negative words to yourself or others, spending less time that you can with your kids and animals, and much much more.

Transform the world with your intention!  We just saw proof that you most absolutely can!!! xoxo Dana

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