Take Amazing Care Of Yourself First!

sometimes you don't realize you are drowning

Truly, you will drown trying to help people if you don;t take care of yourself first. It can either take you many years and much suffering to realize this, or you can stop over-helping other people before you, yourself, are well taken care of, truly. I see people going broke because they give away money before paying their own bills. Exhausted because they give all their energy to others before they rest themselves. Neglected because they put their energy behind the dreams of others before they take care of their own.

Amazing things happen when you put yourself first. Daily reminder. Some if us (like me!) need that reminder daily…! xoxo Dana

Ken April 16, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Awesome stuff Dana! Only give energie to relationships that lift you up, nature your
soul and encourge you live your best, healthiest and happiest life.
Thanks Dana!
Be happy!!

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