Things Can Turn Incredible In A Second!

things change fast


I had a truly fantastic meeting. In the midst of some radical life coaching (me the subject, not the coach!) with someone I admire, there was a breakthrough. I have never been in the “coached” hotseat, and when the opportunity to do this with someone so special arose, I could not say no. Instead, I am having my mind blown every minute!

Rather than talking about goals and plans we talked about stories. The questions I was asked took me from tears to joy and back again, all in recounting different moments of life.

Look back on your life. I bet you can find many times and many days when things happened for the most wonderful in a seeming split second.

If it isn’t all wonderful this second, it can change almost instantly! ¬†Expect great things…! Expectation brings things closer much faster! (this is science, not magic, talking!) xoxo Dana

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