Making a Mantle Into An Art Gallery!

doug airken mantle

(elle decor)

Where there is a mantle, there is a point of focus. Whether or not a fireplace functions, despite how your furniture may not all gather around it perfectly, mantles are anchors of a space.   Making the absolute best of a mantle in my mind means using this space as a magnetized showcase for art of all kinds.  Here’s some inspiration- starting with a mantle adorned by a sculpture by my feng shui art god Doug Aitken’s sculpture of MORE-  for your own artistic mantle magic.  

art mantle


Thinking big makes all the difference.  I am contemplating a watercolor wash and some golden highlights on a painting I have in my own house, to have it “mantle worthy”…!

mantle decor


The faux wood stacks make for a more “lively” fireplace stocked with potential energy. Absract art and an odd number of sculptures add a rhythmic motion that invites change!

mantle art


A more minimalist, purist form of mantle: while certainly not for everyone, there is something to be said for an installation of sulptural value.

mantle mirrors


While I am not one for multiple mirrors, here how mirrors are scalloped and reflect various meaningful, curated objects and colors is a sweet trick to amplify the mantle contents.

mantle art

(a beautiful mess)

Solid, clear and gorgeous.  Hanging a map creates an expansive feel to the entire space.

mantle collage


A collage of images hung in a freestyle grid on the mantle are wondrous and pabulously personal . Truly: feng shui in my way at its best!

Curate your mantle.  Let it bring your space to a new level of energy and artistry!  xoxo Dana



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