Fast Feng Shui For Personal Success!


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There are a few things that are just complete game changers.

This one… it never fails to put life on the right track!

Wake up early.

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Be in sync with nature. Watch the sun rise. Rise with the sun.  We actually have circadian neurons in our bodies that “clock” 24-hour cycles in tune with nature. Our internal clock flows with nature.  When we get closer to that flow, everything is easier.  Heading to bed early (before midnight, but really by 10 pm if you want to feel the awesomeness in my experience! ) is a major tenant of Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the immune system and function optimally.

Have more time for yourself. Chances are, your whole family will not join you if you get up at 5am. There is a sense that the world is your own.  I do my best reflection and decision-making in the early hours.


(grab this on Etsy!)

Do as the successful and balanced do. I don’t know a single very successful person I really look up to, except for the occasional artists, that get up late.  So many of the world’s leaders are up at the crack of dawn.  Many pray, meditate, exercise, write and spend time with their families in the early morning.

I can’t explain it better than this: I become very blah and stressed when I wake up later than 7. My ideas feel stale. If I get up before 5:30am and make it t my Buddhist temple at 6:15, I am completely unstoppable.

You are in a frame of mind to make big changes. Waking early, you capitalize on Alpha brain wavelengths that are filled with creativity and the promise to affect your subconscious mind and really let intentions and decisions and wisdom penetrate.  THIS explains Alpha wavelengths more, and why you should take full advantage of them!  I love this super-creative mindset.

NOW: If you don’t consider yourself a morning person, THIS feng shui might help! 

And I do understand that this nay not be intuitive for you, but it’s an idea to explore if you’re looking to expand your life!

xoxo Dana

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