Home Decor That Makes You Want To Touch It!

textured bedrooms

(andrew skurman architects via gem daily)

From sleek mirrored lines and smooth-as-ice surfaces to faux fur and soft, velvety and wax-like patinas, watercolor walls to velvet touches, these are rooms that you can feel as you even just see them!

When you add textures to a space you literally change the experience.  It’s instant feng shui.  It adds emotional depth.  And it creates gorgeousness…!

Enjoy the sensory delight! 

watercolor walls

(via something coral)

Dreamy, divine walls like a sky and accents that feel slippery and sleek.

elle decor art on walls

(elle decor)

Every piece of this vignette sings with its own magnetic flavor.

renovated kitchen

(home desgn)

Dream space: gleaming wood table, satiny tile walls, stacks of metal and flast, charming pink cabinets create a simple, rich space!

whitewashed dining room

(home adore)

While I’m not the hugest fan of the shabby and chic, how great are these chairs that are sturdy yet feel so plush, the melance of hanging lamps and evewn the barely whitewashed logs… alll so unique and tangible.

Mix up your finishes, your textures, your art idioms, materials…!

All of this delicious design can blend to create a perfectly balanced picture.

Let yourself play! xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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