Can We Win The Homie This Year?!

apartment therapy homies



Hi Everyone!!!

This year my only intention is to help as many people as possible in any way I can, and this blog is the biggest way that I can reach lots of people and introduce them to modern feng shui, creativity exercises, new artists, awesome science and the best of inspiration that I can find design wise across the Internet.

It is something I do in the hopes of spreading the message that anyone can have a better life right now starting with all that they have already and making feng shui shifts that matter. This blog is not something I do for money, and all the money it does make actually pays to run it and make it bigger.

The idea is that if enough people shift into creativity, life will be better.

  • If enough people move from stuck to flow we can all work together in greater harmony. 
  • With more art in the world, there will be more light. 
  • When abundance is easy, we can focus our energy on connecting, helping others more and bringing our talents to the world. 

If you can take a minute today & cast a vote, we might just be able to make the message go much wider.

Apartment Therapy (one of my fave blogs) is running the 2014 Homie Awards.  Winning would mean that my way of feng shui  in all its personalized gorgeousness can reach a stratospheric amount of people. It would also help me to bring you even more of the stuff I have cooked up for 2014 (new videos, new DIYs, and more and more)

Here is how to vote, if you are so inclined.  It takes one minute, but it is a great minute!

To vote for  THE TAO OF DANA: 

1. GO to this link right HERE!   You will see the screen below.  Sign in or sign up where the red arrow is pointing.


2. You will sign in or sign up at the next screen (shown below).  You can click to sign up throughFacebook or Twitter in half a second if you are so inclined!

sign in

3. Go back to HERE  if you are not automatically directed, and vote by clicking the +1 button next to The Tao Of Dana.


That’s all!

If this blog wins, WE win. This is as much yours, prompted by your ideas, your feedback and your passions, as mine, so let’s do this!

Thank you sooooooooo much & I am so excited for the season ahead! xoxo Dana