5 Ways To Step Up Your House Cleaning Game & Polish Your Life In The Process!

white living room

(Keri Russell’s home in Elle Decor)

Flawless, airy and pristine- it is what attracts us all to brilliant interiors when photographed beautifully.  The hallmark of a home with such freshness is that it is squeaky-clean, from curtain rod to shag carpet.  While most of us know the basics of washing some dishes and maybe some dusting or vacuum-wielding, mastering the basics can turn your so-so house into a polished jewel.

Are you ready for some of the greatest tips I’ve used from masters in the art of cleaning and organizing?! neutral living room

As I’ve mentioned before, there are compelling reasons to clean your home to make big changes in your life (& you can read’em all in detail HERE).

I start with open windows, a powerful intention and a lot of green tea 🙂

Now, get excited to learn…

The payoff? You will feel more “put together”, you’ll likely sleep better, you can boost your self-esteem and, of course, your home will be more of a magnet for greatness than ever before.

Oh, and lots of people get their creative inspiration in the midst of housecleaning, so try to do some yourself  if you are accustomed to someone doing it for you!

xoxo Dana

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