Find Your Perfect Pillow!

pillows Sleep Number reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would review pillows.  They generously sent two for my review.  It would seem that given my feng shui ways that I would have a sense of the type of pillow I needed, but I didn’t.  I said I slept on my back (I don’t, it turns out!) and I said I liked feathers (I don’t, I learned quickly)… So both pillows left me sleepless. With a headache.  My jaw hurt.  My neck got stiff.  = My own fault. But dramatically in this experiment I realized that pillows have a radical effect upon sleep.

sleep number

Sleep Number was genrous enough to give it another try and sent me a fabulous pillow that was not feathers and meant for people who sleep on their side like I do.  Wow. No joke, I have not slept this well in ages, and I sleep well in general.  Add a silk pillowcase and you have perfection in beauty sleep.  (FYI: THIS silk pillowcase is both inexpensive & lovely!)

And, if you need some help picking a pillow, Web MD has an expert article that shed some light on things for me.

“Some expert advice:

  • If you sleep on your back: “Back sleepers need thinner pillows, so their head is not thrown too far forward,” Bernard says. Also look for a pillow with extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow to cradle your neck.

  • If you sleep on your side: Side sleepers need a firmer pillow to fill in the distance between the ear and outside shoulder.

  • If you’re a stomach sleeper: Look for a very thin, almost flat pillow. You may not even need a pillow for your head, but consider tucking one under your stomach to avoid lower back pain…”

 (You can read the whole article HERE) 

Two things about pillows I did know before this pillow event happened in my life: you should get new pillows more often than you think (I do it once a year or so because I have dogs and bad allergies), and you should change your pillow cases at least once a week if not every few days to extend the wellness of your pillow— and your sleep!

Thank you Sleep Number for the great sleep.  My only complaint is that I started taking afternoon naps…. and I hate to get out of bed now!  For all of you actively pillow shopping, my personal suggestion after the epic fail of my first attempt is to go into a store and actually feel and see and experience pillows before you buy them.  My third time was a charm but with experts in front of you I bet you can get it right the first time!  xoxo Dana