Luscious Indoor Trees Lift The Energy Of Any Space!

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Indoor plants do so much for most any space, no matter the size.  They are the embodiment of wood element energy (super creative) , many clear the air on a molecular level and all imbue an incredible amount of life force to a home or office. Plus, trees are gorgeous.  Here, some simple trees that bring grand and luscious dimension to a space! 

indoor trees


Stately, balanced, fresh and creative.

indoor tree


This tree is as elegant as the art it stands beside, adding even more grace to this lovely home.

indoor tree


Trees can be casual, yet they complete a room with corners that feel just too bare .

indoor tree(via)

I would love it if every apartment dweller had such a welcome at their front door.  If you live in a building with a landing, you may want to negotiate bringing in your own trees to greet you in such a fabulous way.

indoor tree


A bay window does not have to be ordinary.  Here it serves as a bit of a greenhouse to frame a skyward bound beauty.

Of course, be sure you get a tree that can survive given the light and temperature and humidity of your own home. And… name that tree if you want to up it’s chances of survival should you not have a green thumb of your own. It is a lot harder to neglect a living object with a name…and, chances are, you will feel more of its “growing” energy if you connect to it on this personal level.  xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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Marcy September 4, 2013 at 5:42 pm

I love trees. If I had enough plants, my walls would be well lined with green. It makes me feel so relaxed and comfy (and surrounded by friends and growth). Great article. I have never named a plant before, I can’t believe I haven’t. I love that idea!

Hannah September 6, 2013 at 7:00 pm

This is such a timely post! I’m slowly but surely moving into my new office, and I’ve noticed that the money corner is blocked off by the furniture the desk and the piano make a “corner” around the corner, so that there is a square of empty space that I can get into, but it is not necessarily functional. There is not really another way of arranging the furniture so that that space is more open. I’m thinking of putting a plant stand (which is also square-shaped; is that problematic?) in that corner with a leafy green plant to introduce a bit more growth and abundance energy (this is the money corner of my office where I hope to make money, after all!) into that currently stagnant and non-functional corner. The good news is that the two walls forming this corner have windows, so there is a lot of natural light!

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