6 Genius Artists I Just Discovered!

Yulia Brodska

Yulia Brodskaya’s art of paper is mesmerizing.  Sometimes you just need to be put in a beautiful trance, you know?!  Here are six artists, starting with Yulia Brodskaya, that know how to create visual lyrics to beautiful songs.  Such an inspiring round-up of art today! 

Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia  makes intense, brilliant portraits.

Rebecca Stevenson

Rebecca Stevenson makes wax literally breathe full of life.  Doesn’t this seem as soft as a pile of flower petals?

kaarina kaikkonen

Kaarina Kaikkonen sculpture of…shirts. How poetic!

jennifer mehigan

Jennifer Mehigan is like a painter of gemstones and light with a digital, airbrushed  edge.

michael chase

Michael Chase’s veiled reality of nature is a bit haunted, a bit psychedelic and so hard to look away from, its insane!

Live with as much art as possible… it makes everything so much better!  xoxo Dana

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