Fabric Art That Rocks!



Fabric art is one of the most simple & yet richly textured and potentially stunning  project for any home or office.  Some of your favorite fabric + the occasional staple gun or needlepoint frame = an everyday masterpiece!

fabric wall art


Literally snap fabric in a needlepoint loop and you’ve got pretty eye-catching disks of visual focus for your walls!


Amazing, no? I love how you can pull together an entire wall collage with scraps. If you visit your local fabric shop, you should be able to stage an entire wall installation from remnants.  When you are ready for a change, all you need is a few minutes and a few dollars to switch it up!

fabric art

This is so stunning, I always gasp when I see this glamorous framed Ikat.  Here is a how-to make fabric covered canvas tutorial that is ultra simple. 

fabric art


You don’t need a fabric store, actually, if you have old scarves or bandannas!  A very light press with a warm iron before framing and you can have sentiment on your walls along with interest. I’d like to frame some of my godmother & grandmother’s handkerchiefs.  The lovely thing about these projects beyond their aesthetic and sentiment is their impermanence.  If you get tired of what you have up, it can be swapped in a flash!

A  little project to gloss up your blank walls and imprint them with your unique personality.

xoxo Dana

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