The Color Red: Sexy & Fearless!

marilyn minter

(Marilyn Minter- the ultimate sexy red!)

Last night for the first time in a long while I wore red lipstick. This is my new color of the night. It instantly brightened by mood. I  needed a lift as well as some extra extroversion!  Today lets talk for a moment about the sexy fearlessness or red and why a bit of it in your own life can be a great thing!

red furniture

(via Elle Decor, found HERE!)

First lets talk for a second about fear. Ick.  Fear is a threat to survival. Fear is not fun.  Some people prey upon fear in others.  This is not cool.  In fact, fear-mongering is what has made this world feel even more chaotic and corrupt…and its so unfortunate!   This week I encountered a bit of poisonous philosophy in world of business,  “techniques” to sell products by targeting people’s fears.  I know that this exists, but how did it get near my life?! OMG! I flipped! And, in the process, I got spun around in my own mind. So, I had this fear-think swirling in my head… and it moved me toward the color RED to shake the fear-poison.  I love red so much!!!

Here are few reasons why red is so sexy & even fearless!

red sexy walls

(Habitually Chic) (and taken by my friend & genius photograhper Jean Randazzo!)

1. Red is a color that addresses FIRE. Fire is a major catalyst for change in nature— and elementally it has the properties that allow you to “feel” the warm burn of change.

2. Red is an intensely focusing color.  When you are in fear and worry, your mind spins inward, for lack of a better description… you get introverted or scattered.  Red can fix you in the here & now a bit more boldly.

3. Red is the color identified with the root chakra in your body located around your tailbone.  Its the base of your survival energy in your body and it is the area of your body thought to “store” energy concerning your survival, sexuality and feelings of stability. Fear is considered a root chakra emotion (more on this HERE).

4. Red is physically warming and moves you to action.  Action is sexy.  Ruminating in fear and feeling like you can’t do anything about it is the worst! Red makes you more present…and motivates you to move!

Plus…I look pretty cool in red lipstick! 😉 Do you find yourself picking up the color red at choice moments?  How does it make you feel? xoxo Dana

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