Loving Liora Manne’s Colorific Home Line!

liora manne

Liora Manne is an innovator & artist who happens to have a huge line of home accessories (from place mats to custom carpets that look like paintings) that were developed and engineered to last both inside and outside!  That’s right: indoor and outdoor friendly pillows, rugs, place mats, door mats =  incredible! That patio with a sad empty chair, the picnic table left bare and the back door that no lovely mat can accommodate: meet Liora Manne.  So much of her collection is visual paradise- and an affordable and durable one at that!

liora manne

These pillows are fantastic!


Graphic cheer!

liora manne

And her doormats (especially the half flowers, so special!) are show-stopping.


Check out her shoppe HERE.  Your lonely patio and bare floors and colorless rooms will thank you! xoxo Dana

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