Fast Feng Shui : Get Straightened Up!

gallery wall


Feng shui my way is all about your personal experience of space.  If you want to experience things in a strong, positive way, they need to be straight! And we need to be straight! Todays’s fast feng shui is about straightening up.

If framed images are going crooked on your walls, your eye will be attracted by the off-beat slant…in a not-so-good way.  Straightening your pictures is key;  you will feel immediately more “together” when things are level. (* an inexpensive level tool  is great for this; it will help you really even things out, especially with multiple images on the wall!) Also, if you are interested in creating a great gallery wall teeming  with art, Capturing Joy has great “sprucing up a gallery wall” tips HERE.

Edgar Degas - Dancers Practing at the Barre 1877

(Edgar Degas)

On that note, standing straight affects our entire experience of life. Your attitude changes- as does your ability to breathe deeply- when you are straight. Have you ever seen a celebrity slouching on a red carpet? Of course not! Its a posture that repels…and not good when you want to attract positive things!  I’ve caught my posture going south in all the typing and blogging I do and the only way I can correct it is to literally remind myself all day.  On my computer I put a Post-It that says “sit straight, stand straight” and I email it to myself when needed!

Straighten up.  A fast feng shui tip for your week! xoxo Dana