The Emerald Green Year Of The Water Snake!



It is a fabulous day when I get a message in my inbox from my brilliant feng shui teacher, master & mentor Gabriele Van Zon, and today it was all about the color Emerald in the Chinese New Year, the  Year of the Water Snake!   Gabriele shares many layers of reasons and ideas for integrating emerald green into your life in 2013!  

Emerald is the new color of the year! , by Gabriele Van Zon of Feng Shui Universal.


“Last month we introduced the Water Snake of the new year which will bring transformation, rebirth and new beginnings. Now let’s visualize this benign snake to be the color of a beautifully brilliant and translucent emerald. As the Pantone color of the year, emerald resonates with all the expectations the Water Snake has promised for 2013.

From extensive scientific research, we already know that green and a view of nature will speed patient recovery in hospitals, aid learning in classrooms and spur productivity in the workplace. German researchers found that just glancing at shades of green can boost creativity and motivation. Emerald, however, suggests a more specific and discerning notion of a very special kind of green. Emerald immediately calls to mind the precious gemstone of high value with shimmering watery depth. Beveled facets create the translucent rectangle of the classic emerald cut.  Translucency is the Water Snake’s special quality of sensing inner truth and exposing falsehoods. And the green rectangle defines all the characteristics we attribute to the wood element in feng shui, with emphasis on the sun rising in the east and spring symbolizing new beginnings.

In this year of transition and transformation, emerald assists with understanding changes and new directions. Emerald will help to discern information in decision-making processes. Connected to the Tao of nature, emerald is a helpful tool when facing choices. On a spiritual level, emerald is a healer, detoxifies negative energies and supports all emotional issues of the heart. Emerald promotes personal growth and
improves memory.

26d9ac647bd942cc238107d4f9eb45f1How do we bring harmony and balance, promised by the Water Snake, into our daily lives? And how do we apply emerald in our personal space and environment? Perhaps green is not your color; perhaps you don’t want to redecorate or live in a green house with shades of emerald. Perhaps you’re not Irish and believe in the good luck of green clover, or flash your greens on St. Patty’s day. Think about other, more subtle ways to introduce emerald unobtrusively and beneficially.  If you are the lucky owner of an emerald, wear it, or carry it with you, but don’t rush out and spend thousands to get one, a picture will suffice.

If green doesn’t appeal to you as a fashion color, you could get green undies or start writing your “to do list” with a green pen. More plants in a lush green with shiny leaves will bring nature to your interior environment while neutralizing chemical toxins. Perhaps you could rid yourself of lingering negative energies and let healing vibes come your way by glancing at a painting with lush shades of emerald. And last but not least, eat your greens and reflect on abundance, vegetation and natural growth.

Bring Emerald Into Your Day With Pyramid Feng Shui!”

Thank you Gabriele for this jewel toned wisdom!!! xoxo Dana

VK February 21, 2013 at 11:46 pm

Does the positive energy from the use of green apply to paler versions of the colour? I am looking at redecorating a bedroom with sage green… picking between that and emerald as an accent in a natural coloured room.

Oh, and thanks – I’m loving your wonderful articles. 🙂

danaclaudat February 22, 2013 at 4:42 am

green in all tones is inherently creative. Bits of more intense color will affect you more emotionally. And thank YOU! xxoo

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