What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?



My dream home looks like this: Fallingwater.  The Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.

What about it makes it feel like a dream? The falling water, being ensconced in nature, the glass panels, the geometry, the earthiness of it all.  Dream homes are a very important concept! 



Now that I am looking for a new place- a major pace-changer from the Art Deco building I currently live in that I’ve outgrown- I am looking to harness the magic of my dream home in my new space.



For me, this means fining a place with sleek floors, maybe polished concrete, and awesome geometry, something Mid-century most likely, or Modern, near the ocean enough to feel the “falling water” in the air.  And in a neighborhood filled with trees, with lush plants inside and out.  Big windows. Lovely quietude. Giant patio.  That’s my way of bringing the “Fallingwater Dream to the next place.”  Will I find it? YES! I have never failed to find a place when I’ve been intensely specific.  Get really specific with your home hunting— even how far the nearest coffee shop is— and chances are you will find it!

So, what is your dream home? Can you hunt down a picture of what looks like a dream?  This idea  is well worth the brainstorm!  It is the first step in creating a home with fantastic feng shui, and in defining your evolved personal style.

I’m starting a Pinterest Board called Dream Home where you can pin up your dream home ideas collectively!  If you want to be invited to pin in the group, I’d love it!  Just  leave a comment below with your Pinterest name& I’ll add you!

xoxo Dana