Beige But Not Boring!



Beige- or any color in the family of creamy- has gotten itself quite a bad rap over the years.  Perhaps its the “Swiss coffee” walls we’ve all had in a terrible rental that started the downturn of beige.  Could it be the effect of bad lighting on beige- the effect of which is depressing and looks “aged” and dated? With great light and textures, beige can be anything but boring.  Beige can blanket a space in warm, calm earth element without being confining, creating a relaxing backdrop to an otherwise wildly active life.  And beige can be gorgeous! Check it out…!



 Divine calm yet sexy bedroom.  Can someone build me this bed?!



Cool and warmer tones of eggshell make this room visually interesting without being abrasive.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 10.53.30 PM


Fabulous idea for adding earth tones: a collage of sepia printed photos.  Unexpected and so compelling.


(Elle Decor)

And when in doubt, a fresh mirror or pops of fresh color will elevate the “beige” upward to the dynamic, which still maintaining classic elegance!

Not too shabby for a “neutral”! xoxo Dana

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