Science Chimes In On Why Great Design Is Life-Changing!


If you’ve ever wondered why I am so passionate about feng shui in my way, this is why: great design can change lives. THIS opinion piece written by Lance Hosey in the New York Times will blow your design-loving mind away with fabulous facts: art & design can actually change lives.  I encourage you to read it all (its short and sweet, yet full of details) but a few of the great facts I’ve included as a preview.

Take, for instance, the bulk of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.  They actually are created in a rather serendipidious way to mirror the images of our minds in their optimum fractal density.  So, our minds crave Pollock  and celebrate even if our rational selves can’t always articulate exactly why.



Like the sacred geometric proportions first codified by Leonardo da Vinci in artistic language, this geometric proportion reflects the patterns in mature that compose our bodies and all matter.  This geometric patterning  (as reflected in cells, in snowflakes, in mandala, and even in the contruction and proportion of most of our bodies) can make us feel calm and connected to humanity & nature.


And who knows how many times I’ve talked about the color green and creativity and healing... and now, its been confirmed by German research teams!

With hundreds of billions of dollars being spent to treat “stress-related” illness, would it be easier to have a really fabulous feng shui’d home & life, with a nod to science & art as well as killer design? YES! It would be way easier!  Mind, body & soul, if you will, need a PLACE to interact together.  If we can acknowledge the “places” in our lives as integral to our wellbeing and create an optimal stage for our life to play itself out, that’s immselely powerful stuff.  Feng shui your life & you won’t regret it! xoxo Dana

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