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Readers bring me so much wisdom, and today an Australian reader and budding holistic healer Kylie Boyd  has introduced me (and now you!) to the wildly fascinating world of healing with Australian Bush flower essences.  I think you will love it! 


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From Kylie:  “When I first heard about Flower Remedies, I admit I was skeptical. However, one day I mentioned to my Kinesiologist that I felt there was a lack of direction in my life.  She did some muscle testing on me and promptly handed me a little bottle with instructions to take seven drops morning and night for two weeks.  I remember thinking ‘Okay this sounds a little nuts, but what the heck.’  Basically I had no expectation and nothing to lose.

Then, after nearly two weeks, something incredible happened, I began to get ideas.  Things that interested me seemed to pop up all over the place, and before I knew it I had booked myself into a course, which then led me to another course of similar interest.

The little bottle I’d been handed was an Australian Bush Flower Essence called ‘Silver Princess.’  It’s purpose, for Life Direction and Motivation.  Within a short period of time I’d gone from skeptic to convert and had to know more.  So, I bought a couple of books on the subject and as soon as a course became available I registered, opening myself up to a whole new world of healing.

The healing properties of flower essences are used to clear negative emotional patterns and align emotional, spiritual and mental bodies in a safe and powerful way.  Flower essences have been used throughout the ages by many cultures and the earliest recorded use of them dates back as far as the sixteenth century.  In the Western world, Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) became the modern pioneer of flower essences, creating a range of 38 single healing essences as well as one of the most commonly known combination essences, ‘Rescue Remedy.’

However, our world has changed vastly since this time in areas such as technology, spirituality and sexuality, to name a few.  The Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by Ian White, a fifth generation herbalist, to address these incredible shifts we’re experiencing.  As the name suggests, these have been developed using Australian Bush flowers.  There are 69 (and counting) single essences in the range and 17 combination essences.  Ian has also expanded the collection of essences to include healing cards and some newer essences developed from areas outside of Australia.

Since my first little bottle, I have used many of the essences, receiving some wonderful results.  I’ve also recommended some to friends and family, who initially thought I was completely crazy.  However, they too have had some pretty incredible outcomes and there are now a few more converts in the world.”

Kylie Boyd  is currently studying a Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Complementary Therapies as well as writing. She lives in Melbourne Australia with her hubby and cheeky Cocker Spaniel.

Thank you Kylie! xoxo Dana

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