6 Artists I Just Discovered Today…!


(Suzanne Kurilla)

Once again, six artists that blow my mind that I’ve never seen before.  I find loads of  ultra-talents when indulging in my guilty pleasure of  the Rustybreak Tumblr.  Jemma is quite the curator, and artists like Suzanne Kurilla (above) have my mind ablaze!  Enjoy!


The elegance of Phil Defer.


Zane Lewis. The gleaming cross between an 80’s Schnabel plate “painting” and a mosaic tabletop.


Cliff Briggie’s Infusions are indeed, infusions of mysterious beauty.


And Christian Schumann is no stranger to intricate, delicate patterning like a rainfall, or, in this case, a river bed.


While Nick Knight hits home with melting flowers.

There is so much talent in the world to discover, and my mind is now percolating with ideas!  Live with art… its so good for you! xoxo Dana

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