The Art Of The Heart

love-is-what-you-want(Tracey Emin)

Every heart beats to its own drum, and every heart colors love in its own unique way.  Here is a round up of Modern & Contemporary hearts for many temperaments of affection… like this dynamic Tracey Emin that just doesn’t hold a drop back! 


Damien Hirst’s love token is packed full of contained explosions of every kind and color.


(Mr. Brainwash)

And this Brainwash heart makes me feel sad for the depleted… albeit elegantly depleted.

heart-1984-i-love-you-by-andy-warholWhile this little-splashed-about Warhol is sweet.


And Jeff Koons presents love as a package deal.


While Yayoi Kusama just laughs at it all in her fabulously spotty mind full of metaphor.

xoxo Dana

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