Intuitive Design & Indigo!



Perhaps I should say… design to strengthen your intuition? Indigo is a mix of blue and purple swirled with some midnight and it has the almost surreal color of a starry sky.  While I’d use indigo sparingly, its effects are somewhat hypnotic in an incredible way. 

 chakraIf you are looking to add mystery and a stronger sense of your intuitive “sight” , indigo is thought to stimulate your ability to imagine future potential.  Indigo is the color related to your “third eye” in the center of your forehead where your intuitive energy is thought to be, in part, concentrated.  (Secondarily, its in your “gut”…the “gut feelings” we get. )  Aside from all that, indigo is the colors of water mixed with fire- the two major elements in feng shui that promote swift change.



Indigo is a plant whose extracted is color used as a dye.  Somewhat quizzically, its related to the pea plant, and its intense hues were prized… but less these days with the advent of synthetic dye.  What a bummer!  The natural color is electric.



The famous Yves Klein coffee table that is an indigo masterpiece makes the average room scintillating and focused.



And in velvety fabric, indigo can take upholstery to the next level.  How sexy and dynamic are these small touches of indigo? Just be aware in bedrooms that too much of the blue vibe can promote self focus rather than unity!  Moderation in all things is always best! 

xoxo Dana

Marcy February 13, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Wow, those pops of blue are so intense and beautiful. I love the idea or adding a textured indigo colored piece to the home.
I also love the stone kyanite for indigo properties.

This article makes me want to meditate 😉

danaclaudat February 13, 2013 at 9:28 pm

love hearing from you marcy…always so informative & sunny!

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