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I am geeking-out beyond honored that I am a FINALIST in this years Apartment Therapy Homie Awards for Best Home Design & Inspiration!  Woo Hoo!!!

Its a gigantic honor to be in this position.  To me, this  isn’t about winning an award for an awards sake- its having the privilege of an even bigger set of eyeballs right away to share lots of ideas and concepts that promote peaceful, happier, more creative, more energized lives!!!


To make it to the finish line, everyone’s got to cast one more vote!  Yep, a second vote.  I didn’t make these rules, but I must abide by them!

To vote:  

1. Click HERE to the voting page.

2. Sign in/Sign up  if you need to (you might be already signed in if you voted already)

3. And hit the little circle next to The Tao Of Dana then press VOTE!

Bob & I love you for it! I have a very special thank you coming soon for all the voting banter I’ve subjected you to in the past week! I appreciate your support and your awesomeness!!! xoxo Dana

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