Handmade Wooly Poofs Rock!


Poufs are an instant way to add seating, texture, interest, color and FUN to your home! Here’s my best of Etsy at the moment for handmade poofs with personality!

I happen to be a fan of vibrant but not quite neon for this squishy seating. You can find the rich, saturated color poufs above at the La Casa De Coto shoppe.


You can also find these demure and unexpectedly star-topped poufs there too!


These fruit loop stripes are just plain fantastic, and from the To Who? shoppe.


Lucky Hanks makes a bit moreelectric statement… and man that multicolored one just leaps into my arms!


A crochet black & white graphic poofy stool from Kits & Diezijn will revvvv up the motion in a stale space.


& Gool Gool makes some very sweet African Flowers applique poofs, too!


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