Instagramming Loveliness!


This week is madcap with so much happening that is energizing as all get up!  Even Bob is in on the action, campaigning for him Mom in the Apartment Therapy Homie Awards.  If you haven’t voted yet, please do HERE… and check out all the other cool blogs- its a wad of talent!


There was art at LACMA.  I finally understand the Heizer bolder sculpture. Yu have to experience it to believe in it.


And then there were new flower essences from Alexis Smart that are rocking my energized world.

c8e15172cadc675f2dede1cf950d6d66The dogs got oatmeal baths.


Hiking at Runyon has been glorious in the sun.


And the sunsets, as psychadelic as ever!  Hit me up on Instagram HERE and I will follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures! xoxo Dana

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