To-Die-For Tie Dye!



Whether or not you believe we are entering an “Aquarian” age, tie dye always seems to bring a feeling of flow, free thoughts and beautifully patterned energy to mind.  I am a fiend for the very rare and incredibly amazing upscale treatment of tie dye in home decor.  The very good news is that with a little fabric dye and some household supplies you can turn plain fabric into something truly fantastic.  Here’s some of the more interesting tie dye I’ve seen these days that has me itching to start twisting and dying!


Have you ever seen something as cool for your shower as this felted olive oil soap from Etsy? YES! Its soap!



These curtains thrill me in their simplicity.  You CAN make them…easily!



This shower curtain is total chic boho wow factor.



And I’m a sucker for old-school Anthropologie. Don’t think its still available.  Its inspiring me to… yes… make it!


And, who isn’t a sucker for these darling handmade tie dye Toms, also an Etsy wonder you can grab right HERE. Divine.

So inspired to put on groovy music and sit on a lawn now! 😉 xoxo Dana

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